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Clinical Chemistry Department

We perform all testing & as per international standards.

Thyroid Function Test

The thyroid gland is the part of our body located in the lower front of the neck. Its duty is to produce thyroid hormones in the blood to carry them to every body tissue. If there is any disorder in this gland, experts recommend going for a thyroid function test. At Mughal Lab, we are prone to do this test by two methods with very reliable procedures. One process is to do the tests with blood samples, while the other process is without blood samples. Here, you need to know that both techniques have specific tests. Tests with blood tests are the TSH Test, T4 test, T3, Reverse T3, and thyroid antibody test. The non-blood tests include radioactive iodine uptake. The blood sample collection process is the same as for the other test.

Thyroid Function Test
Hormone studies Test

Hormone studies

Hormone studies are crucial for understanding and optimizing our overall health and well-being. Mughal Labs offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge hormone tests to empower you on your wellness journey. With advanced technology and expert analysis, Mughal Labs is dedicated to helping you achieve hormonal harmony and optimal health.

Our services encompass various types of hormone tests tailored to your specific needs. The Hormone Panel assesses essential hormones like cortisol, thyroid, and sex hormones, providing insights into energy levels, metabolism, and reproductive health. The Adrenal Function Test delves into stress-related hormones, shedding light on your body’s response to daily pressures. For a deeper understanding of reproductive health, our Fertility Hormone Test examines hormones affecting fertility and menstrual cycles. The Menopause Panel assists women in navigating hormonal changes during this life stage.

Tumor Marker Assays

These tests discover the tumor markers in the patient’s blood. In medical language, these markers are also familiar with the name of cancer markers. Cancer cells usually develop tumor markers in the blood. Mughal Labs is known to make testing easy. Likewise, tumor marker assays are not an exception. We use different methods to check tumor markers, like blood, urine, and biopsies. Among them, a biopsy is a little tricky, and our experts remove the small piece of tissue for testing with great expertise. On the other hand, Mughal Labs offers different types of tumor marker assay testing like CA 125, CA 19-9, CA 15-3, AFP, CAE, etc.

Tumor Marker Assays Test
Blood Glucose Test

Blood Glucose

The blood glucose test is also known as a blood sugar level test. This test aims to check the level of glucose in the blood. At Mughal Labs, we provide our best services to diagnose any problem. To check the glucose level in the blood, we need a drop of blood that we get from the top of your finger with the help of a needle. Our expert team pricks the needle at your middle or ring finger to get the blood. Other than this procedure, fasting and random sugar tests are part of this type. So, the experts recommend going for this test before a meal or at bedtime. When it comes to fasting blood glucose level tests, the experts may ask you not to eat at least 2 hours before the test.

Liver Function Test

Liver function tests, as the name reveals, are about to check the condition of your liver. Besides liver condition, this test aims to let the experts know about the various enzymes, proteins, and other substances your liver makes. The standard test for the liver is LFT. At Mughal Labs, we provide outstanding services in LFT tests and are known to do different tests like ALT, AST, ALP, SGPT, and many more. Talking about the procedure of this test, we extract blood from your body like other blood tests. In the end, we would like to mention that whenever you come to Mughal Lab for the LFT, please do not eat something, but this test is always to be done empty stomached. So, consider visiting us soon to save time and get the best results.

Liver Function Test

Test Facilities

  • Automated rapid testing for high-volume clinical tests
  • Hormone studies
  • Tumor marker assays
  • Biochemical tests for metabolic diseases, nutritional status, and lipid analysis
  • Tests for critical analytes in therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology
  • Routine Chemistry (Electrlytes, Liver Function, Creatnine, Gluscose etc.)
  • Cardiac Markers
  • Vitamins


Annual Tests


Automated Analyzers


Lab Technologists

Our Clinical Pathologists

Dr, Jahangir Sultan, Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Dr, Jahangir Sultan

Consultant Chemical Pathologist

MBBS, MPhil (Chemical Pathology)

Male Doctor Silhouette closeup Images

Omar Saeed

Assistant Manager

BS (MLT), M.Phil

Male Doctor Silhouette closeup Images

Dr. Abdul Majid Arif

Consultant Clinical Pathologist


Technology & Equipment

Roche logo

Electrolytes Analyzer

Electrolyte Analyzer designed to quickly and accurately conduct whole blood electrolyte testing in the laboratory or point of core

avl 9180 electrolyte analyzer

Cobas 9180 (Roche, Switzerland)

Roche logo

Automated Chemistry Analyzer

A stand-alone system that offers consolidated testing from a brood menu of clinical chemistry applications

roche cobas c311 in Mughal Labs

Cobas 311 (Roche, Switzerland)

Roche logo

Automated Immunoassay Analyzer

Excellent reproducibility on highly specialized tests such as hepatitis and hormonal profile

cobas e 411 roche

Cobas E411 (Roche, Switzerland)

Dieses logo

Chorus TRIO

A multi parametric, fully automated immunoassay analyzer for autoimmune and infectious parameters.

Chorus trio instrument

Diesse (Germany)

Snibe Diagnostic logo

Fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer


Snibe MAGLUMI 800

Beckman Coulter logo

A reference lab immunoassay Analyzer in a convenient size of benchtop system

a Beckman

Beckman Coulter Access 2

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