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Hematology Department

We perform basic and advanced hematology testing

Complete Blood Count

Complete Blood Count, also known as CBC, is a blood test that helps the doctor diagnose different illnesses related to blood. This test also helps to get accurate blood cells. The test process of CBC is straightforward at Mughal Lab’s best laboratory to get the best possible result. Our innovative machines with experienced and skilled staff are always ready for CBC testing services. The procedure for this test is quite simple; all we have to do is insert a needle into the patient’s vein and extract the blood. Then, our machines will detect the abnormalities in your blood.

Complete Blood Count
Coagulation Profile Test

Coagulation Profile

People not in connection with the medical field may not be familiar with this term because this test is rare. The coagulation profiles test measures the blood’s ability to get clotted and reveals how long your blood takes to clot. You need to know that clotting disorder is a dangerous process that leads to various threats like liver diseases, thrombophilia, and hemophilia. Now talking about the coagulation profile or coagulation panel test at Mughal Labs, our well-trained service providers will insert the needle in the vein to collect the blood sample as the same as CBC. We ensure that our blood collection service for coagulation profile leaves no effects on your body, thanks to our services and the new equipment we use from blood collection to the testing process.

Peripheral Blood Smear

People who encounter unexplained jaundice, anemia, sudden weight loss, etc., are advised for peripheral blood smear tests. This test also aims to investigate the abnormalities in the blood cells. At Mughal Labs, we provide our best services of CBC with peripheral smear to diagnose your disorder by pricking a needle and collecting blood samples. We also need to tell you that our blood collection service for peripheral blood smear tests does not affect your body.

Peripheral Blood Smear Test
Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy

Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy

Do you know that bone marrow aspiration or biopsy are complicated tests to monitor illnesses like bone cancer, blood cancer, thalassemia, or your bone marrow? This test is complex and hard to do, and an average staff is unable to perform this test. On the other hand, we (Mughal Lab) want you to know that we have qualified staff who are legally allowed to do this test. Bone Marrow aspiration is a process that removes the sample liquid portion of bone marrow, while biopsy removes a small piece of marrow. Before this test, our staff prepare and educate the patients. Moreover, our staff is already there to assess the patient and to assist the practitioner. Though it is a painful process, our team provides all to eliminate the fear from the patient’s mind.

Iron Studies

A test that aims to get information about the level of iron in the blood is an iron study. Doctors recommend this test because a little or excessive amounts of iron in the blood can lead to some severe medical issues. We, Mughal Labs, as the best service providers of iron studies, confidently provide various iron study tests. In our services of iron studies, we are known to do a ferritin test that measures the amount of iron that already exists in your blood. The second test is the transferrin test, which tells us how good our body is at transporting the iron in our blood. We also performed another test TIBC to check the iron transportation in the blood. The procedure of this test is as straightforward as checking the CBC. We will collect the sample by pricking the needle on the back side of the hand or the upper part of the elbow on the arm.

Iron test

Test Facilities

  • CBC with 5 parts differential
  • Coagulation profile
  • Peripheral smear reviewed by a hematologist
  • Bone Marrow procedure
  • Special Stains including PAS, Perl’s stain & Sudan black
  • Electrophoresis with CBC & peripheral smear
  • Bleeding Disorders panel iron status panel (Iron, TIBC, Ferritin and % Saturation) with RBC morphology
  • Hp Electrophoresis
  • Flowcytrometery for lymphoma / leukemia
  • Anemia Clinic
  • Blood Grouping and Cross Matching


Annual Tests


Automated Analyzers


Lab Technologists

Our Hematologists

Dr. Nabeela, a consultant hematologist at Mughal Labs

Dr. Nabeela

Consultant Hematologist


Male Doctor Silhouette closeup Images

Dr. Imran Chaudhry

Senior Consultant Pathologist

MD, DABP, FRCPC (Canada)

Male Doctor Silhouette closeup Images

Dr. Zaeem Adil

Senior Registrar


Technology & Equipment

Beckman Coulter logo


Designed for powerful performance. It conducts a 5-color analysis from either single or dual 10$410 excitation & analyzes a sizeable number of antibodies per tube.

FC 500 (Beckman Coulter, US)

FC 500 (Beckman Coulter, US)

Arkray logo

Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer

Compact. fast and highly accurate glycohemoglobin analyzer with WIC technology

HA8380V (Arkray, Japan), Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer

HA8380V (Arkray, Japan)

Sysmex logo

Blood Coagulation Analyzer

Fully automated coagulation earlier that delivers excellent reproducible results

CA 660 (Sysmex, Japan)

CA 660 (Sysmex, Japan)

Sysmex logo

Hematology Analyzer

Leading hematology analyzer that performs cell and differential counts using impedance and immunofluorescence techniques

Sysmex Hematology Analyzer For Hospital

XN 1000 (Sysmex, Japan)

Dieses logo

Mini-Cube ESR Analyzer

Automated ESR analyzer that produces results directly from EDTA tubes

Diesse ESR Analyzer

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