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Radiology Department

Reporting and testing are done with utmost care

X-Ray services

Welcome to Mughal Labs, where our exceptional X-ray services are designed to provide you with the highest quality diagnostic imaging. Our commitment to precision and accuracy means you can trust us to deliver detailed and reliable results. Our X-ray lab places a high priority on your health and offers advanced imaging services. We can take whatever type of X-ray you need, whether a PNS X-ray for sinus problems or a Chest X-ray to look at your heart and lungs. While our skilled crew assures your comfort throughout the process, our cutting-edge equipment guarantees accurate results. Trust us for professional X-ray services catered to your requirements, giving you the insights you want for greater peace of mind.

X-Ray services in Mughal lab
Ultrasound Test in Mughal labs


Experience advanced ultrasound services at Mughal Labs, your trusted destination for high-quality medical imaging. Our skilled team utilizes cutting-edge technology, including Doppler ultrasound, for precise blood flow assessment. From Full-Bladder (FWB) ultrasounds to Transvaginal Sonography (TVS), we offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic options, ensuring accurate results. Detect liver conditions with our specialized ultrasound of the liver. We bring the best ultrasound lab, committed to providing reliable and detailed imaging, aiding in timely diagnoses and informed healthcare decisions. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re dedicated to delivering excellence in ultrasound diagnostics.

Test Facilities

  • Automated rapid testing for high-volume clinical tests
  • Hormone studies
  • Tumor marker assays
  • Biochemical tests for metabolic diseases, nutritional status, and lipid analysis
  • Tests for critical analytes in therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology
  • Routine Chemistry (Electrlytes, Liver Function, Creatnine, Gluscose etc.)
  • Cardiac Markers
  • Vitamins


Annual Tests


Automated Analyzers


Lab Technologists

Our Clinical Pathologists

Dr, Jahangir Sultan, Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Dr, Jahangir Sultan

Consultant Chemical Pathologist

MBBS, MPhil (Chemical Pathology)

Male Doctor Silhouette closeup Images

Omar Saeed

Assistant Manager

BS (MLT), M.Phil

Male Doctor Silhouette closeup Images

Dr. Abdul Majid Arif

Consultant Clinical Pathologist


Technology & Equipment

Roche logo

Electrolytes Analyzer

Electrolyte Analyzer designed to quickly and accurately conduct whole blood electrolyte testing in the laboratory or point of core

avl 9180 electrolyte analyzer

Cobas 9180 (Roche, Switzerland)

Roche logo

Automated Chemistry Analyzer

A stand-alone system that offers consolidated testing from a brood menu of clinical chemistry applications

roche cobas c311 in Mughal Labs

Cobas 311 (Roche, Switzerland)

Roche logo

Automated Immunoassay Analyzer

Excellent reproducibility on highly specialized tests such as hepatitis and hormonal profile

cobas e 411 roche

Cobas E411 (Roche, Switzerland)

Diesse logo

Chorus TRIO

A multi parametric, fully automated immunoassay analyzer for autoimmune and infectious parameters.

Chorus trio instrument

Diesse (Germany)

Snibe Diagnostic logo

Fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer


Snibe MAGLUMI 800

Beckman Coulter logo

A reference lab immunoassay Analyzer in a convenient size of benchtop system

a Beckman

Beckman Coulter Access 2

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