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Lab Test Rates

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Pathology Test Panels

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Lab Test Rates

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S.NoCodeTest NameStandard Rate
1411417-Hydroxy Progesterone4,200
2505025-Hydroxy Vitamin D33,500
350465 HIAA(5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid)4,800
41511A/G Ratio (Albumin / Globulin Ratio)950
55572Abdominal Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
65570Abdominal Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
75567Abdominal Fluid for Analysis2,200
85571Abdominal Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
95574Abdominal Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
105573Abdominal Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
115568Abdominal Fluid for Gram Stain550
126316Abscess for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
131354Absolute Eosinophil Count440
141358Absolute Lymphocyte Count440
151359Absolute Monocyte Count440
161357Absolute Neutrophil Count440
174123ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme)4,200
181211Acetylcholine Receptor Antibodies (ACRA)12,000
194119ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone)3,800
206999Adenosine Deaminase ( ADA) Fluid4,500
214300AFP (Alpha Fetoprotein)2,850
225122Air China- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
235112AirArabia- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
252262Albumin (CSF)700
264861Albumin (Spot Urine)1,250
274813Albumin/Creatinine Ratio ( Spot Urine )1,450
303056FISH - ALK (ALK Rearrangement in Non-Small Cell Carcinoma)38,000
311505Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)650
325014Allergy Test - Environmental Allergens Panel8,300
335013Allergy Test - Food Allergens Panel8,300
344810Alpha-1 Antitrypsin3,400
351503ALT / SGPT (Alanine Aminotransferase)600
361620Amenorrhoea Panel (LH, FSH, Estradiol)5,500
381127Amphetamines/ Methamphetamine1,750
392718Amylase ( 24 Hours Urine )1,750
402707Amylase (Fluid)1,750
412700Amylase (Serum)1,600
421103Amylase (Spot Urine)1,750
434446Anaemia Panel (CBC, Retic Count, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid)6,000
442721Anion Gap1,450
454639Antenatal Panel (CBC, Blood Group, HBsAg, Anti-HCV, RPR, Glucose(R), Urine Routine)7,700
464151Anti Cardiolipin IgG4,500
474153Anti Cardiolipin IgM4,500
484178Anti CCP3,900
494805Anti dsDNA Antibody by Immunofluorescence (IF)6,000
504812Anti dsDNA Antibody by ELISA4,200
516661Anti Epstein Barr Virus IgG4,400
526662Anti Epstein Barr Virus IgM4,400
535066Anti Gliadin IgA3,500
544152Anti Gliadin IgG3,500
554236Anti HAV-IgG3,100
564202Anti HAV-IgM3,100
574204Anti HBc (Total)3,100
584205Anti HBc IgM3,700
594207Anti HBe3,500
604203Anti HBs2,300
614208Anti HCV2,500
624209Anti HDV (Total)3,600
634210Anti HEV IgG3,650
644214Anti HEV IgM3,650
654211Anti HIV (1 & 2)3,100
664447Anti Leptospiral IgG (Serum)4,400
671332Anti Leptospiral IgM (Serum)4,400
684711Anti LKM Antibodies3,000
691546Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH)6,500
704817Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) by ELISA4,000
714667Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) by Immunofluorescence (IF)5,000
726001Anti Parvovirus IgG4,400
736000Anti Parvovirus IgM4,800
745038Anti Phospholipid IgG3,950
755039Anti Phospholipid IgM3,950
761350Anti Thrombin III6,750
775031Anti Thyroglobulin2,200
784177Anti Tissue Transglutaminase IgA2,550
794176Anti Tissue Transglutaminase IgG2,550
805057Anti TPO (Thyroid Peroxidase)2,250
814235Anti-GBM (Serum)5,000
826663Antibodies Screening (Blood Bag)1,100
832726APT test (Alkali Denaturation Test)800
851399Arthritis Panel (Anti CCP, ESR, ASOT)5,500
862201Ascitic Fluid Analysis2,200
872203Ascitic Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
882205Ascitic Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
892202Ascitic Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
906083Ascitic Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
916051Ascitic Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
922206Ascitic Fluid for Gram Stain550
933405ASOT (Anti Streptolysin O Titre)1,500
946117Aspiration Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
956042Aspiration Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
965553Aspiration Fluid for Analysis2,200
971176Aspiration Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
986084Aspiration Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
996052Aspiration Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
1006002Aspiration Fluid for Gram Stain550
1011510AST / SGOT (Asparate Aminotransferase)600
1024637Autoimmune IF Panel (Antibodies against cell nuclei (ANA), mitochondrial (AMA) & mitochondria smooth6,000
1035085Autoimmune Liver Disease Profile9,500
1041164Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S) (Any Sepcimen)2,550
1064453Basic Bone Health Panel (Vitamin D, Corrected Calcium, Alkaline phosphatase, Phosphorous, Uric Acid)6,400
1071504Basic Health Panel (CBC, Glucose(F), Creat, Uric Acid, LFT's, Lipid Profile, Vitamin D, Urine Routine,)9,700
1081294Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) (Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, Creatinine, Calcium, BUN, Glu3,500
1094445Basic Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Panel (Testosterone (Total), LH, FSH, TSH)6,500
1104100Basic Thyroid Panel (T3, T4, TSH)3,500
1112510BCR-ABL PCR (Quantitative) Major25,000
1122511BCR-ABL PCR (Quantitative) Minor28,000
1141174Bed Sore for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
1151102Bence Jones Protein (Spot Urine)990
1174155Beta 2 Microglobulin4,200
1184303Beta HCG2,050
1194305Beta HCG (Male)2,050
1204157Beta-2 glycoprotein IgG3,300
1214158Beta-2 glycoprotein IgM3,300
1221704Bicarbonate (Serum)600
1235063Bile Acid (Serum)3,900
1245062Bile Pigments ( Spot Urine )550
1255061Bile Salt ( Spot Urine )550
1261502Bilirubin - Direct550
1271514Bilirubin - Indirect550
1283594Biopsy - Amputation (including Immunohistochemistry)10,000
1293489Biopsy - Large Specimen (including Immunohistochemistry)6,000
1303004Biopsy - Liver or Muscle (including Immunohistochemistry)5,000
1313484Biopsy - Prostate/Urinary Bladder (including immunohistochemistry stains)5,000
1323490Biopsy - Small specimen (including immunohistochemistry stains)4,000
1331345Bleeding Time(BT)600
1341206Blocks & Slides Request1
1351429Blood Alcohol Level3,200
1361333Blood C/E with Peripheral Smear (CBC)850
1376656Blood Cross Match Only2,200
1386655Blood Cross Match With Screening7,000
1396650Blood Donation1
1401322Blood for Culture & Sensitivity (C/S) - Aerobic & Anaerobic5,000
1411312Blood for Culture & Sensitivity (C/S) - Aerobic only2,500
1421352Blood for Culture & Sensitivity (C/S) - Aerobic only (Initial Report)1
1431323Blood for Culture & Sensitivity (C/S) - Anaerobic only2,500
1441375Blood for Culture & Sensitivity (C/S) - Anaerobic only (Initial Report)1
1451361Blood for Microfilaria (Filarial Parasite)660
1461400Blood Glucose - Fasting330
1471401Blood Glucose - Random330
1481428Blood Glucose ½ hrs (After 75 Grams Glucose)330
1491419Blood Glucose 1 hrs (After 75 Grams Glucose)330
1501427Blood Glucose 1½ hrs (After 75 Grams Glucose)330
1512800Blood Group & Rh Factor800
1521602Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)800
1546128Body Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
1556031Body Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
1562215Body Fluid for Analysis2,200
1572236Body Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
1585566Body Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
1595564Body Fluid for Gram Stain550
1603483Bone Biopsy - Large Specimen (including Immunohistochemistry)7,000
1613482Bone Biopsy - Small Specimen (including Immunohistochemistry)5,000
1626118Bone for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
1631175Bone for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
1646085Bone for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
1653934Bone Marrow - Procedure (No Report)3,500
1663501Bone Marrow - Procedure, Processing & Interpretation (Aspiration & Trephine biopsy) Including Immunoh8,500
1673600Bone Marrow - Processing & Interpretation (Aspiration & Trephine biopsy) Including Immunohistochemist7,500
1683491Bone Marrow - Review of Case (Aspiration & Trephine Biopsy) Including Immunohistochemistry Stains11,500
1693061Bone Marrow - Review of Case (Slides)2,500
1701166Bone Marrow for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
1716082Bone Marrow for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
1725011Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy, Processing & Staining (No Report)480
1733494Breast Cancer Prognostic Markers (ER, PR, HER2, Ki-67)14,000
1743096HER2 by Immunohistochemistry (IHC)4,500
1753493Breast Cancer Biomarkers (ER, PR, HER2)10,500
1763114Breast Cancer Research - Cancer Case (With Report)2,200
1773115Breast Cancer Research - Normal Case (Without Report)550
1786133Breast Milk for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
1796041Breast Milk for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
1802253Breast Milk for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
1811123Breast Milk for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S) (Left side)2,550
1826058Breast Milk for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S) (Right side)2,550
1836101Breast Milk for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
1846061Breast Milk for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
1856012Breast Milk for Gram Stain550
1865114British Airways- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
1872217Bronchial Washing for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
1886030Bronchial Washing for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
1892216Bronchial Washing for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
1906086Bronchial Washing for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
1916053Bronchial Washing for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
1926003Bronchial Washing for Gram Stain550
1936119Broncho Alveolar Lavage for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
1946047Bronchoalveolar Lavage for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
1951171Bronchoalveolar Lavage for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
1966087Bronchoalveolar Lavage for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
1976054Bronchoalveolar Lavage for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
1986004Bronchoalveolar Lavage for Gram Stain550
1992601Brucella IgG2,000
2002602Brucella IgM2,000
2011619BUN / Creatinine Ratio (Serum)1,550
2024184C- Peptide3,650
2035017c-ANCA (Anti Proteinase-3)5,250
2043407C-Reactive Protien, High Sensitive (CRP-HS)2,000
2054600C3 (Complement 3)2,200
2064601C4 (Complement 4)2,200
2074302CA 1254,500
2081512CA 15-33,700
2094306CA 19-94,500
2103508Calcium ( 24 Hours Urine )900
2111705Calcium (Serum)800
2123521Calcium (Spot Urine)800
2131749Calcium - Corrected1,100
2141547Calcium - Ionized1,150
2151143Calcium/Creatinine Ratio (Spot Urine)1,450
2162730Calculi Renal6,500
2175618Calprotectin (Stool)5,500
2194401Carbamazepine (Tegretol)2,650
2201800Cardiac Enzymes Panel (LDH, CK, CK-MB, AST)3,000
2211806Cardiac Panel Including Troponin I (LDH, CK, CK-MB, AST, Troponin I)5,650
2224023Catecholamines Group of Tests(Metanephrine,Nor Metanephrine,Dopamine)10,500
2235614Catheter Tip for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
2245613Catheter Tip for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
2255611Catheter Tip for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
2265616Catheter Tip for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
2275615Catheter Tip for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
2285612Catheter Tip for Gram Stain550
2291351CBC - Special for Dengue90
2301340CBC- Blood Complete Examination (5 Parts Differential)750
2313332CD-34 Stem Cell18,500
2325082CD-4/CD-8 count28,000
2334301CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen)3,450
2343334Cell Block (including immunohistochemistry)6,000
2366120Cervical Swab for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
2376049Cervical Swab for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
2381172Cervical Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
2396088Cervical Swab for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
2406055Cervical Swab for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
2416005Cervical Swab for Gram Stain550
2425124China Southern- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
2431712Chloride ( 24 Hours Urine )850
2441703Chloride (Serum)500
2451711Chloride (Spot Urine)650
2474310Chronic Hepatitis Panel (Liver function test, HBsAg, HCV)5,600
2483523Citrate Level ( 24 Hours Urine )3,950
2491801CK (Creatine kinase)850
2501802CK-MB (Creatine Kinase - Myocardial Band)2,000
2511346Clotting Time (CT)550
2522803CMV by PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation)16,000
2534444Coagulation Panel (PT, APTT, CBC)2,500
2551326Cold Agglutination Test1,100
2561615Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP)(Glucose(F), ALT, AST, BUN, Creatinine, Serum Electrolytes, Bi6,500
2571181Conjunctival Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
2581336Coomb's Direct (Polyspecific)1,550
2591337Coomb's Indirect (Polyspecific)1,500
2613526Copper Level ( 24 Hours Urine )3,750
2621167Corneal Scraping For Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
2635303Corneal Scraping for Gram Stain550
2644129Cortisol (24 Hrs Urine)2,850
2654112Cortisol (AM)2,200
2664113Cortisol (PM)2,200
2671248COVID Antibody Panel (Spike Protein (Quantitative, Total), IgG Antibody(Qualitative) )6,150
2681665COVID Prognosis Panel (CBC, CRP, LDH, D-Dimer, Ferritin)7,500
2691395COVID-19 IgG Antibody3,000
2705501COVID-19 PCR - Urgent (by Abbott)6,500
2715150COVID-19 PCR and Detection of Delta Variant7,500
2725503COVID-19 PCR Detection for Delta Variant only3,500
2734621COVID-19 PCR For Patients3,500
2744626COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
2754131COVID-19 Total Antibody (Spike Protein)3,750
2763511Creatinine ( 24 Hours Urine )900
2771603Creatinine (Serum)800
2781607Creatinine (Spot Urine)850
2791604Creatinine Clearance (24 Hrs Urine & Serum)1,500
2804021Cryoprecipitate Preparation (Manual)1,350
2812224CSF for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
2822226CSF for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
2832266CSF for Analysis2,200
2842223CSF for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
2855557CSF for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
2865558CSF for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
2872227CSF for Gram Stain550
2886121CVP Tip For AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
2896024CVP Tip for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
2901132CVP Tip for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
2916089CVP Tip for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
2926073CVP Tip for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
2931232CVP Tip for Gram Stain550
2944406Cyclosporine (Blood)7,500
2956122Cystic Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
2966036Cystic Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
2971245Cystic Fluid for Analysis2,200
2981155Cystic Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
2996090Cystic Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
3006045Cystic Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
3016006Cystic Fluid for Gram Stain550
3023001Cytology Review2,500
3034705Cytomegalovirus IgG (CMV)2,850
3044706Cytomegalovirus IgM (CMV)2,850
3053002Cytopathology staining per slide (Diff Quick, Giemsa, Pap, H&E) - NO REPORT150
3064197Dengue IgG antibody1,500
3074198Dengue IgM antibody1,500
3084189Dengue NS1 Antigen1,500
3095502Dengue RNA by PCR6,500
3104120DHEA - SO42,800
3115010Diabetes Panel (Glucose (F), HbA1c, Microalbuminuria)3,200
3121392Dialysis / Chronic Kidney Disease Profile (CBC, Urea, Creatinine, Serum Electrolytes, Bicarbonate, Intac7,500
3131303Differential Leukocyte Counts(DLC)700
3156123DJ Stent for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
3165598DJ Stent for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
3171159DJ Stent for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
3186091DJ Stent for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
3196074DJ Stent for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
3206025DJ Stent for Gram Stain550
3211177Double Lumen Tube for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
3226124Drain for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
3236043Drain for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
3241179Drain for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
3256092Drain for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
3266056Drain for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
3276007Drain for Gram Stain550
3286125Drain Tip for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
3295581Drain Tip for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
3306093Drain Tip for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
3316077Drain Tip for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
3326028Drain Tip for Gram Stain550
3331119Drugs of Abuse (Urine screening)5,500
3346126Ear Swab for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
3356048Ear Swab for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
3362259Ear Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
3376094Ear Swab for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
3386057Ear Swab for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
3396008Ear Swab for Gram Stain550
3409430ECG (No Report)750
3411368Echinococcus IgG4,200
3433025EGFR Mutation by PCR38,000
3441700Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Bicarbonate)1,450
3455115Emirates- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
3464660ENA Profile (20+ protein targets)9,000
3473877Entamoeba Histolytica Abs (Amoebiasis)4,400
3481356Eosinophil Count ( Spot Urine )700
3493505ER & PR Immunohistochemistry7,000
3505077Erythropoietin (EPO)8,500
3524118Estradiol (E2)2,350
3536127ETT Tip for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
3546076ETT Tip for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
3555600ETT Tip for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
3566095ETT Tip for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
3575601ETT Tip for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
3586027ETT Tipf or Gram Stain550
3604454Extended Bone Health Panel (Vitamin D, Corrected Calcium, Albumin, Alkaline phosphatase, Phosphoro7,000
3614449Extended Diabetes Panel (CBC, Glouse (F), HbA1c, HBsAg, HCV, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Lipid Profile, Ur10,450
3623040Extended Health Panel (CBC, HBsAg, HCV, Glucose(F), Creat, Uric Acid, LFT's, Lipid Profile, Vitamin D,15,000
3637524Extended Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Panel (Testosterone (Total), TSH, LH, FSH, Prolactin, DHEA-SO424,000
3643536Extended Renal Heath Panel (Serum Electrolytes, Bicarbonate, BUN, Urine Routine, Calcium, Phosphor9,200
3654433Extended Thyroid Panel (Free T3, Free T4, TSH, T3, T4)7,250
3667006Factor II Level3,300
3677002Factor IX Level3,300
3681384Factor V Leiden Mutation by PCR9,500
3697007Factor V Level (ACG/Proaccelerin, Labile factor)3,300
3707009Factor VII Level (Proconvertin, Stable factor)3,300
3717001Factor VIII Level3,300
3727008Factor X Level3,300
3731309FDP (D-Dimer)2,750
3744431Female Infertility Panel (FSH, LH, Prolactin, Progestrone, Estradiol)9,000
3773497FISH - HER2/Neu32,000
3781389Flowcytometry-Acute Leukemia Immunophenotyping ( Peripheral Blood)60,000
3791366Flowcytometry-Acute Leukemia immunophenotyping (Bone Marrow Aspiration & Tissue)60,000
3802261Fluid - Albumin720
3811517Fluid - Bilirubin (Total)550
3821713Fluid - Chloride550
3831617Fluid - Creatinine820
3845305Fluid - Glucose380
3856033Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
3862237Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
3872247Fluid for Cytology2,200
3883052Fluid for Cytoloty Processing & Staining (No Report)1,400
3896096Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
3905565Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
3916009Fluid for Gram Stain550
3922222Fluid for TLC & DLC800
3931391Fluid for WBC Count (TLC)600
3945159Fluorescent Treponemal Antibodies Test (FTA-ABS)6,600
3955116Flydubai- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
3963502FNA by Pathologist, Preparation and Interpretation (Including Cell Block)4,000
3974110Folate (Folic Acid)2,400
3984319Folate - Red cell2,450
3996129Foley's Tip for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
4005599Foley's Tip for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
4016097Foley's Tip for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
4026075Foley's Tip for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
4036026Foley's Tip for Gram Stain550
4041160Foley’s Tip for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
4054109Free T32,400
4064106Free T42,400
4074128Free Testosterone (Serum)3,450
4084133Free Thyroid Panel (Free T3, Free T4, TSH)5,000
4096658Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) (No Report)2,000
4103545Biopsy - Frozen Section (including Final Report & Immunohistochemistry)12,000
4114105FSH (Follicular Stimulating Hormone)2,100
4126113Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S) ( Spot Urine )3,300
4131217Fungal Smear (KOH)770
4141320G6PD (Quantitative)2,450
4151169Gastric Aspirate for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
4161431GCT (After 75 Grams Glucose) - 2 samples1,100
4171152Gene Expert MTB-RIF6,500
4181506GGT (Gamma-glutamyl Transferase)700
4205302Glucose (CSF)330
4211413Glucose - 2 Hours after Meal330
4221402Glucose - 2 Hours Post prandial330
4231415Glucose - After Dinner330
4241412Glucose - After Lunch330
4251414Glucose - Before Dinner330
4261411Glucose - Before Lunch330
4271144Gonorrhoea Screening (Gram Stain)550
4281403GTT (After 75 Grams Glucose)- 3 Samples950
4295118Gulf Air- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
4303503Gynaecological, Cervical or Vaginal Smears1,200
4316130Hair for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
4326098Hair for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
4336080Hair for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
4344148Haptoglobin Level (Serum)1,800
4355012Hb Electrophoresis2,500
4364802HbA1c (Glycosylated Hemoglobin)1,950
4374206HBeAg (Antigen)3,000
4384201HBsAg (Antigen)1,800
4394609HBV PCR ( Qualitative & Quantitative )7,500
4404646HCV Genotyping By PCR16,500
4414607HCV PCR ( Qualitative & Quantitative)6,800
4421904HDL (High Density Lipoprotein)660
4434427Heart Health Panel (Glucose (F), hsCRP, Homocysteine, Lipid Profile, NT-Pro BNP)10,500
4444234Helicobacter Pylori - IgA2,650
4454230Helicobacter Pylori - IgG2,650
4464231Helicobacter Pylori - IgM2,650
4471321Hematocrit (Hct)550
4481301Hemoglobin (Hb)440
4491334Hemolysis Panel (CBC, Retic Count, Direct Coomb's, LDH, Bilirubin)4,000
4501203Hemosiderin ( Spot Urine )1,950
4516131Hepatic Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
4526039Hepatic Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
4535554Hepatic Fluid for Analysis2,200
4545555Hepatic Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
4556099Hepatic Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
4566059Hepatic Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
4576010Hepatic Fluid for Gram Stain550
4584212Hepatitis "B" Panel(HBsAg,Anti HBs,HBc IgM,HBc (Total), HBe, Anti-Hbe)14,500
4594256Hepatitis Screening (Hepatitis B & C Screening by ELISA/CLIA)3,450
4604651Herpes (HSV 1 & 2) PCR (Qualitative)8,800
4614709Herpes- IgG (HSV)2,500
4624710Herpes- IgM (HSV)2,500
4633005Histopathology grossing, processing & staining (per slide, H&E) – NO REPORT400
4642219Histopathology processing & staining per slide (H&E) – NO REPORT350
4653492Histopathology Review - Referred Case (including immunohistochemistry panel)12,000
4663006Histopathology staining/Recut per slide (H&E) – NO REPORT200
4674623HIV BY PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation)12,000
4685888HLA B27 Allele by PCR15,500
4694185Homocysteine Level (24 hrs Urine)4,500
4704186Homocysteine Level (Serum)2,700
4712257Hospital OT Air for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)1,950
4722258Hospital OT Anesthesia Machine Swab for Bacterial C/S1,950
4732254Hospital OT Bed Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)1,950
4742256Hospital OT Floor Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)1,950
4752250Hospital OT Microscope Swab for Bacterial C/S1,950
4762252Hospital OT Suction Machine Swab for Bacterial C/S1,950
4772245Hospital OT Table Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)1,950
4782255Hospital OT Wall Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)1,950
4795595HVS for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
4805594HVS for AFB Smear/ZNStain600
4811228HVS for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
4825597HVS for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
4835596HVS for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
4841230HVS for Gram Stain550
4851244Hydrocele Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
4865551Hydrocele Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
4872239Hydrocele Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
4882238Hydrocele Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
4891213Hydrocele Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
4905552Hydrocele Fluid for Gram Stain550
4917555Hypertension Panel(Glucose (F), Lipid Profile, Urea , Creatnine, Serum Electrolytes)4,800
4924602IgA - Quantitative1,300
4934605IgE, Total2,250
4944603IgG - Quantitative1,300
4954604IgM - Quantitative1,300
4964857IL-6 (Interleukin-6)2,750
4971378Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF)2,150
4984611Immunoglobulins Panel (IgA,IgG,IgM, IgE)5,500
4993518Immunohistochemistry (IHC, each antibody) – NO REPORT3,500
5003596Immunohistochemistry (IHC, each antibody) with Report4,500
5014160Insulin - Fasting3,250
5024187Insulin Like Growth Factor - 1 (IGF-1)8,000
5034125Intact Parathyroid Hormone (iPTH)2,750
5042503Intrinsic Factor Antibodies3,800
5052702Iron Level900
5064423Iron Status Panel (Iron,TIBC,Ferritin)3,450
5071168IUCD for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
5086132Joint Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
5096040Joint Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
5102241Joint Fluid for Analysis2,200
5112242Joint Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
5126100Joint Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
5136060Joint Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
5146011Joint Fluid for Gram Stain550
5153517Ketones ( Spot Urine )500
5165059Ketones (Blood)450
5174689Kidney Screening (Urine C/E. Serum Creatinine)400
5195045Lactate (CSF)1,950
5205084Lactate Level (Fluid)1,950
5212251LDH (CSF)820
5222248LDH (Fluid)820
5231803LDH (Serum)820
5242447LDH (Urine)820
5251905LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)700
5262502Legionella Antigen (spot urine)6,500
5274104LH (Luteinizing Hormone)1,950
5282722Lipase (Fluid)1,400
5292716Lipase (Serum)1,400
5301901Lipid Profile (TG, Cholestrol, HDL, VLDL, LDL)2,150
5311911Lipoprotein (A)2,200
5321708Lithium (Serum)1,650
5331162Liver Abscess for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
5341163Liver Aspirate for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
5351509Liver Function Tests (LFT) (Total Protein, Albumin, Total Bilirbin, Direct & Indirect Bilirubin, ALT, AST, AL1,900
5365026Lupus Anticoagulant LA1 (Screening)6,500
5373533Magnesium ( 24 Hours Urine )900
5381707Magnesium (Serum)750
5391335Malaria Antigen (ICT)750
5401325Malarial Parasite (Thick & Thin)800
5411315Malarial Parasites ( MP )800
5424432Male Infertility Panel (AMH, Total T4, TSH, Testosterone, DHEA-SO4)12,000
5465027Measles IgG3,050
5475071Measles IgM3,050
5489955Complete Medical Examination12,000
5494167Medical Examination for Agri Tech Ltd.6,500
5509956Medical Examination for SRC1,600
5512500Medical OPD Charges100
5522505Medical OPD Charges (Welfare)70
5532506Medical OPD Charges (Zakat)50
5544429Menopause Panel (Estradiol, TSH, Free T4, LH, FSH, Prolactin, Testosterone (Total), SHBG)14,500
5554024Metanephrine (Urine)3,850
5584816Microalbumin (Spot Urine)1,300
5594804Microalbuminuria ( 24 Hours Urine )1,350
5602545Mismatch Repair (MMR) Protein Immunohistochemistry [Microsatellite instability or MSI by IHC]12,000
5613408Monospot (Infectious mononucleosis)1,550
5624411Morphine Derivatives ( Spot Urine )2,200
5644608MTB by PCR - Tuberculosis (Any Specimen)7,000
5655028Mumps IgG3,050
5665076Mumps IgM3,050
5674422Muscle Enzymes Panel(CPK,LDH,SGOT,Aldolase)3,750
5686149Mycodot IgG2,000
5696150Mycodot IgM2,000
5706134Nail for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
5716102Nail for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
5726081Nail for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
5736135Nasal Swab for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
5746046Nasal Swab for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
5751170Nasal Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
5766103Nasal Swab for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
5776062Nasal Swab for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
5786013Nasal Swab for Gram Stain550
5796071Nephritic Panel (RA Factor, ANA, ASO, C-ANCA, P-ANCA, C3, C4, IgA, IgM, IgG)20,500
5804025Nor-metanephrine (Urine)3,850
5811811NT-Pro BNP3,750
5825120Oman Air- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
5834625Service Charges only200
5853602Osmolality ( Serum )1,320
5861104Osmolality ( Spot Urine )1,320
5871318Osmotic / RBC's Fragility1,600
5881394Osteoporosis Panel (Alkaline Phosphatase, Calcium, Phosphate, Albumin, Vitamin D)5,800
5893504Outside Unstained FNA Slides/FNA material2,500
5905018p-ANCA (Anti MPO)5,250
5916657Packed Red Blood Cells (PCV) (No Report)2,100
5926136Pancreatic Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
5936037Pancreatic Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
5946116Pancreatic Fluid for Analysis2,200
5951173Pancreatic fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
5966104Pancreatic Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
5976063Pancreatic Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
5986014Pancreatic Fluid for Gram Stain550
5999052Pathologist Visit for (Bone Marrow/FNAC)3,500
6005123Pegasus Airlines- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
6016137Pericardial Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
6026034Pericardial Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
6035559Pericardial Fluid for Analysis2,200
6041165Pericardial Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
6056105Pericardial Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
6066064Pericardial Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
6076015Pericardial Fluid for Gram Stain550
6086138Peritoneal Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
6096038Peritoneal Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
6102229Peritoneal Fluid for Analysis2,200
6112230Peritoneal Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
6126106Peritoneal Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
6136065Peritoneal Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
6146016Peritoneal Fluid for Gram Stain550
6151134pH & Reducing Substances ( Urine )440
6161202pH & Reducing Substances ( Stool )440
6171387pH (Pleural Fluid)380
6181482pH (Pleural Fluid)380
6191238pH (Urine)380
6214404Phenytoin (Dilantin)2,400
6223513Phosphorous ( 24 Hours Urine )900
6231706Phosphorus (Serum)700
6241613Phosphorus (Spot Urine)800
6253063Physical Examination500
6265111PIA- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
6274405PIVKA - II Level2,750
6281311Platelet Count480
6296659Platelets Preparation (Manual) (No Report)2,200
6302210Pleural Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
6312212Pleural Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
6322208Pleural Fluid for Analysis2,200
6332209Pleural Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
6346107Pleural Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
6356066Pleural Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
6362213Pleural Fluid for Gram Stain550
6375087Porphobilinogen ( 24 Hours Urine )1,350
6383507Potassium ( Spot Urine )600
6393603Potassium (24 hours Urine )770
6403535Potassium (Fluid)600
6411702Potassium (Serum)500
6421397Pre-Marital Panel (Anti HCV, HBsAg, Anti-HIV, Hb Electrophoresis)8,400
6431535Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Panel (CBC, LFT, Serum electrolyte, Urine Protien/Creatnine Ratio, Ur5,600
6443403Pregnancy Test ( Urine )480
6455042Procalcitonin (Serum)5,750
6481113Protein (24 Hours Urine)950
6492249Protein (CSF)770
6501520Protein (Fluid)770
6511606Protein (Spot Urine)770
6521348Protein C6,400
6531349Protein S6,400
6541625Protein/Creatinine Ratio ( Spot Urine )1,550
6551305Prothrombin Time (PT/ INR)1,000
6564304PSA (Total)2,800
6571222Pus for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
6581223Pus for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
6591219Pus for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
6605579Pus for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
6615578Pus for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
6621224Pus for Gram Stain550
6635586Pus Swab for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
6645584Pus Swab for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
6655585Pus Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
6665588Pus Swab for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
6675587Pus Swab for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
6685583Pus Swab for Gram Stain550
6695113Qatar Airways- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
6704613Quantiferon TB Gold Plus11,000
6711307RBC Morphology600
6733498Renal Biopsy (including Histology, Special Stain & Immunofluorescence)10,000
6741628Renal Function Test (RFT) (Creatnine, Urea,Uric Acid)1,300
6755041Renin Plasma4,800
6761314Reticulocytes Count750
6771347Rh Antibodies (Anti D Antibodies)700
6783400Rheumatoid Factor (R.A Factor)1,200
6794442Rheumatology IF Panel ( RA Factor, Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) by IF, Anti CCP)9,200
6804469RPR (Syphilis Screening)2,600
6814701Rubella IgG2,500
6824702Rubella IgM2,500
6835119Salam Air- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
6841207Semen Analysis2,750
6856139Semen for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
6865577Semen for AFB Smear/ZN stain600
6871208Semen for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
6886108Semen for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
6896067Semen for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
6906018Semen for Gram Stain550
6913451Senior Citizen (Men) Panel (CBC, Glucose (F), Creatinine, Lipid Profile, HbA1c, Uric Acid, PSA, TSH)9,900
6923452Senior Citizen (Women) Panel (CBC, Glucose (F), Creatinine, Lipid Profile, HbA1c, Uric Acid, Calcium, T10,650
6935121Serene Air- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
6946998Serum ADA Level4,400
6954022Serum Anti Endomysial IgA2,600
6964415Serum Galactomannan7,000
6974612Serum IgG410,000
6983201Serum Immunofixation/Immunotyping7,500
6995101Serum Protein Electrophoresis2,600
7004101Serum Total T31,350
7014102Serum Total T41,350
7025030Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)2,400
7034115SGH (Growth Hormone)2,400
7041362Sickling Test550
7063481Skin Biopsy (including Histology, Special Stain & Immunofluorescence)8,500
7076140Skin Scraping for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
7086109Skin Scraping for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
7096079Skin Scraping for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
7103506Sodium ( Spot Urine )550
7113601Sodium (24 hours Urine )850
7123534Sodium (Fluid)600
7131701Sodium (Serum)480
7143486Special Stain(s) per Slide (Reticulin, PAS/PAS-D, GMS, Mucicarmine, Iron, Copper, Congo red, EVG, JM600
7151247Sputum for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
7161231Sputum for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
7171210Sputum for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
7185560Sputum for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
7195550Sputum for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
7201212Sputum for Gram Stain550
7214471STD Screen (Anit-HIV, Anit-HCV, HBsAg, RPR/Syphilis)8,000
7222200Stone For Chemical Analysis3,500
7231111Stool for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
7241200Stool for C/E550
7251205Stool for Clostridium Difficile Toxin4,800
7265576Stool for H. pylori Antigen6,400
7271204Stool for Occult Blood550
7281110Stool for Vibrio Cholera Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,600
7293520Sugar Random ( Spot Urine )170
7306141Swab for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
7316044Swab for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
7325589Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
7336110Swab for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
7346068Swab for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
7356019Swab for Gram Stain550
7366142Synovial Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
7376035Synovial Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
7381214Synovial Fluid for Analysis2,200
7391215Synovial Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
7406111Synovial Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
7416069Synovial Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
7425556Synovial Fluid for Gram Stain550
7436020Synovial Fluid for Uric Acid Crystals1,100
7443409Syphilis Antibody1,800
7451221T-Spot TB Test (T-Cell Count)12,000
7464419Tacrolimus (Blood)6,800
7485603Throat Swab for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
7495602Throat Swab for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
7501216Throat Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
7515605Throat Swab for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
7525604Throat Swab for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
7531218Throat Swab for Gram Stain550
7544174Thyroid Screening (Free T4, TSH)3,400
7552703TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity)1,200
7566143Tissue Biopsy for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
7576032Tissue Biopsy for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
7581158Tissue Biopsy for Baterical Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
7596112Tissue Biopsy for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
7606070Tissue Biopsy for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
7616021Tissue Biopsy for Gram Stain550
7621302TLC (WBC Count)550
7634700Torch Panel (Toxoplasma IgG,Toxoplasma IgM, Rubella IgG, Rubella IgM, CMV IgG, CMV IgM, HSV 1&12,500
7641501Total Bilirubin550
7653524Total Kappa and Lambda Light Chains plus Ratio - Quantitative8,250
7661507Total Protein (Serum)660
7671310Total RBC500
7684703Toxoplasma IgG2,600
7694704Toxoplasma IgM2,600
7715608Tracheal Secretion for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
7725607Tracheal Secretion for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
7731161Tracheal Secretion for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
7745610Tracheal Secretion for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
7755609Tracheal Secretion for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
7765606Tracheal Secretion for Gram Stain550
7771178Tracheostomy Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
7792717Transferrin saturation (TSAT)1,700
7803539Tricylic Antidepressants1,760
7824806Troponin I (High Sensitive)2,600
7831807Troponin-T (High Sensitive)2,600
7841830Troponin-T Screening (CCH)2,750
7864143TSH Receptor Antibody4,500
7873527Tuberclosis (ICT)800
7884426Tumor Markers Panel (Beta HCG,AFP,CEA,CA-125)10,500
7899285Ultra Sound (USG): (Soft tissue)3,300
7908014Ultra Sound (USG): Abdomen2,400
7919273Ultra Sound (USG): Abdomen & Prostate2,900
7928016Ultra Sound (USG): Abdomen & Pelvis2,900
7939275Ultra Sound (USG): Abdominal USG (Paeds2,400
7949463Ultra Sound (USG): Anomally Scan4,800
7959397Ultra Sound (USG): Bilateral Shoulder4,800
7968019Ultra Sound (USG): Both Breast4,800
7979309Ultra Sound (USG): Breast (Single)2,400
7988036Ultra Sound (USG): Carotid Doppler USG6,500
7998018Ultra Sound (USG): Chest3,400
8009312Ultra Sound (USG): Cirrhotic Liver Color Do3,400
8018025Ultra Sound (USG): Cranial2,900
8029435Ultra Sound (USG): For Twins3,300
8039311Ultra Sound (USG): Gall Bladder1,900
8048020Ultra Sound (USG): Groin2,900
8058021Ultra Sound (USG): Gynaecological USG (Doppler Pelvic)3,400
8068045Ultra Sound (USG): Iliac Vessels Doppler St4,800
8078017Ultra Sound (USG): KUB2,400
8088024Ultra Sound (USG): Neck (GENERAL)2,900
8099313Ultra Sound (USG): Obstetrical Triplets USG6,500
8108027Ultra Sound (USG): Obstetrical USG/Pregnancy2,800
8118015Ultra Sound (USG): Pelvis2,400
8129271Ultra Sound (USG): Penile doppler Ultrasou12,500
8138031Ultra Sound (USG): Renal Doppler4,800
8149287Ultra Sound (USG): Right Lower Extremity Color doppler Arterial/Venous3,300
8159279Ultra Sound (USG): Saphenous Vein Mappi2,900
8168030Ultra Sound (USG): Scrotal Doppler USG4,800
8179294Ultra Sound (USG): Single Arm Arterial Colo3,300
8188022Ultra Sound (USG): Thyroid3,600
8198037Ultra Sound (USG): Trans-rectal (Trus)6,800
8209402Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound ankle joint /f2,900
8219284Ultra sound (USG): Ultrasound Doppler Abd3,600
8229289Ultra Sound (USG): ultrasound doppler bilateral lower limb (arterial)4,800
8239295Ultra Sound (USG): ultrasound doppler bilateral lower limb (arterial/venous)7,500
8249290Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound doppler bilateral lower limb (venous)4,800
8259272Ultra Sound (USG): ultrasound doppler bilateral upper limb (arterial)4,800
8268028Ultra Sound (USG): ultrasound doppler bilateral upper limb (venous)4,800
8279292Ultra Sound (USG): ultrasound doppler bilateral upper limb (venous/arterial)7,500
8289398Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound Elbow Joint2,900
8299389Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound for AVF Map3,800
8309393Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound for liver post4,800
8319392Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound for preopera4,800
8329401Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound knee joint/le2,900
8339403Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound Musculoske2,900
8349400Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound Neonatal Hi2,400
8359391Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound saphenous7,000
8369399Ultra Sound (USG): Ultrasound wrist joint an2,900
8379278Ultra Sound (USG):Bilateral Leg Varicose Venes6,600
8388029Ultra Sound (USG):Scrotal Scan (Non dopp2,900
8399394Ultra Sound (USG):Ultrasound Adult Hip Joi2,400
8409395Ultra Sound (USG):Ultrasound Biophysical Profile3,300
8419396Ultra Sound (USG):Ultrasound Doppler Pregnancy4,800
8422720Urea (Fluid)750
8431601Urea (Serum)700
8441180Urethral Swab for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
8455591Urethral Swab for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
8461156Urethral Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
8475593Urethral Swab for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
8485592Urethral Swab for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
8491233Urethral Swab for Gonorrhoae Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,500
8505590Urethral Swab for Gram Stain550
8513512Uric Acid ( 24 Hours Urine )800
8522719Uric Acid (Fluid)750
8532704Uric Acid (Serum)700
8541612Uric Acid (Spot Urine)750
8551393Urinary Oxalate (24 Hrs Urine)3,800
8565306Urine - Glucose330
8571100Urine Analysis or Complete Examination C/E (Chemistry: Glucose, Ketones, Bilirubin, pH, Blood, Specific500
8586144Urine for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
8595575Urine for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
8601101Urine for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
8616022Urine for Gram Stain550
8621136Urine for Hemoglobin500
8635015Urine Protein Electrophoresis11,500
8641438Urine Sugar 1 Hrs330
8651425Urine Sugar 1½ Hrs330
8661439Urine Sugar 2 Hrs330
8671440Urine Sugar 2½ Hrs330
8681435Urine Sugar 3 Hrs330
8694403Valproic Acid (Epival)2,200
8715998Varicella Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox) IgG4,950
8725999Varicella Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox) IgM Antibodies4,950
8735117Virgin Atlantic- COVID-19 PCR For Traveling3,500
8744111Vitamin B122,350
8753446Vitamin Panel(Vitamin B12,Vitamin D)5,250
8761182Vitreous/Conjunctival Fluid for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
8775562Vitreous/Conjunctival Fluid for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
8781157Vitreous/Conjunctival Fluid for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,500
8795563Vitreous/Conjunctival Fluid for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
8801237Vitreous/Conjunctival Fluid for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
8815561Vitreous/Conjunctival Fluid for Gram Stain550
8821907VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoprotein)715
8834803VMA (Vanillylmandelic Acid) ( 24 Hours Urine )3,300
8845001von Willebrand Factor (vWF) Antigen3,300
8856660Washed RBCs (Blood Bag)950
8861317WBC Morphology550
8871295Women Health Profile (CBC, Calcium (Total), Iron, TSH, LH, FSH, HbA1c, Vitamin D)9,900
8886145Wound Secretion for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
8895580Wound Secretion for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
8901235Wound Secretion for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
8916114Wound Secretion for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
8926078Wound Secretion for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
8936029Wound Secretion for Gram Stain550
8946146Wound Swab for AFB Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)6,500
8956050Wound Swab for AFB Smear/ZN Stain600
8961225Wound Swab for Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)2,550
8976115Wound Swab for Fungal Culture & Sensitivity (C/S)3,300
8986072Wound Swab for Fungal Smear (KOH)770
8996023Wound Swab for Gram Stain550
9009358X-Ray : Reporting1,200
9019327X-Ray Sacral Spine - Ap View1,200
9029326X-Ray Sacral Spine - Lat view1,200
9039325X-Ray Sacrum Spine - AP View1,200
9048074X-Ray: ForeArm Ap/Lat1,450
9058065X-Ray: Abdomen Erect PA View1,200
9068066X-Ray: Abdomen Supine1,200
9079356X-Ray: Ankle Ap View1,200
9088086X-Ray: Ankle Ap/Lat1,450
9099357X-Ray: Ankle Lat View1,200
9109263X-Ray: Big Toe1,200
9119371X-Ray: Bone Age studies1,450
9128084X-Ray: Both Knees Ap / Lat View2,600
9138059X-Ray: Both Knees Ap View (Standing)1,400
9148058X-Ray: Both Knees Lat View1,400
9159387X-Ray: Both S.I Joint1,200
9169375X-Ray: Calcaneus -AP & LAT1,400
9179369X-Ray: Cervical Spine AP View1,200
9188068X-Ray: Cervical Spine AP/ LAT View1,450
9199370X-Ray: Cervical Spine LAT View1,200
9208102X-Ray: Chest Ap1,200
9218062X-Ray: Chest LAT View1,200
9228061X-Ray: Chest PA View1,200
9238078X-Ray: Clavicle Ap View1,200
9248071X-Ray: Coccyx Spine AP / LAT View1,500
9258089X-Ray: Copy Of X-Ray Film800
9269366X-Ray: Dorsal Lumbar Spine Ap View1,200
9279367X-Ray: Dorsal Lumbar Spine Lat View1,200
9289267X-Ray: Dorsal Lumber Spine Ap / Lat1,450
9299138X-Ray: Ear Both1,450
9308075X-Ray: Elbow Ap/Lat1,450
9319376X-Ray: Facial bones1,200
9328083X-Ray: Femur Ap/Lat1,450
9339140X-Ray: Finger Ap View1,200
9349363X-Ray: Flexion and Extension View1,450
9359260X-Ray: Foot Ap1,200
9368087X-Ray: Foot Ap/Lat1,450
9379353X-Ray: Foot Lat View1,200
9389352X-Ray: Forearm Ap & Lat View1,450
9399351X-Ray: Forearm Lat View1,200
9408072X-Ray: Hand AP / LAT View1,450
9419139X-Ray: Heal Lat1,200
9429346X-Ray: Heel Ap & Lat View1,450
9439347X-Ray: Heel Ap View1,200
9448081X-Ray: Hip Ap & Lat View1,450
9459266X-Ray: Hip Ap View1,200
9469364X-Ray: Humerus Ap View1,200
9478076X-Ray: Humerus Ap/Lat1,450
9489365X-Ray: Humerus Lat View1,200
9499344X-Ray: Knee AP View1,200
9509343X-Ray: Knee Lat View1,200
9519264X-Ray: Knee Skyline View1,200
9528067X-Ray: KUB1,200
9539265X-Ray: Leg Ap1,200
9548085X-Ray: Leg Ap/Lat1,450
9559372X-Ray: Limb Salvage Study ( Specific regio1,200
9569377X-Ray: Lower Extremity of infant1,450
9578070X-Ray: Lumbar Spine AP / LAT View1,450
9589359X-Ray: Lumbar Spine Ap View1,200
9599360X-Ray: Lumbar Spine Lat View1,200
9609144X-Ray: Mandible1,200
9619342X-Ray: Mandible Ap & Lat View1,450
9629341X-Ray: Mandible Ap View1,200
9639340X-Ray: Mandible Lat View1,200
9649337X-Ray: Mastoid Lat View1,200
9659338X-Ray: Mastoid Ap View1,200
9669339X-Ray: Mastoid Ap& Lat View1,450
9678094X-Ray: Nasal Bone1,200
9689143X-Ray: Neck Lat1,200
9699336X-Ray: Orbit Ap & Lat View1,450
9709335X-Ray: Orbit Ap View1,200
9719334X-Ray: Orbit Lat View1,200
9729378X-Ray: Pelvis & Hip - Child1,900
9738079X-Ray: Pelvis Ap1,200
9749361X-Ray: Pelvis Ap View1,200
9758080X-Ray: Pelvis Ap/Lat (Peads)1,450
9769362X-Ray: Pelvis Lat View1,200
9779379X-Ray: Pituitary fossa or sella turcica1,900
9788082X-Ray: Pns 45 degree1,200
9799380X-Ray: Ribs Ap & Lat View1,450
9809381X-Ray: Ribs- Unilateral1,200
9819324X-Ray: Sacrum Spine - AP & LAT View1,450
9829382X-Ray: Scapula - AP & LAT1,450
9839332X-Ray: Shoulder - Ap View1,200
9849333X-Ray: Shoulder - Lat View1,200
9859261X-Ray: Shoulder Ap1,200
9868077X-Ray: Shoulder Ap/Lat1,450
9879322X-Ray: Shoulder Both AP View1,450
9889323X-Ray: Shoulder Both Lat View1,450
9899374X-Ray: Skeletal Survey14,500
9908063X-Ray: Skull AP View1,200
9918064X-Ray: Skull AP/ LAT View1,450
9929262X-Ray: Skull Lat1,200
9939383X-Ray: Soft Tissue Neck1,200
9949384X-Ray: Sternoclavicular Joint1,900
9959385X-Ray: Sternum - AP & LAT1,750
9969386X-Ray: Temporo mandibular (TMJ) Joint AP1,450
9979320X-Ray: Thoracic Spine - Ap View1,200
9989321X-Ray: Thoracic Spine - Lat View1,200
9998069X-Ray: Thoracic Spine AP/ LAT View1,450
10009142X-Ray: Thumb1,200
10019331X-Ray: Tibia Fibula - Lat View1,200
10029141X-Ray: Tibia Fibula Ap/Lat1,450
10039319X-Ray: Tibia Fibula Both Ap / Lat View2,900
10049318X-Ray: Tibia Fibula Both Ap View1,450
10058088X-Ray: Toe1,200
10069329X-Ray: Wrist - Lat View1,200
10079328X-Ray: Wrist -Ap View1,200
10088073X-Ray: Wrist Ap/Lat1,450
10099317X-Ray: Wrists Both Ap / Lat View2,900
10109354X-Ray:Elbow Ap View1,200
10119355X-Ray:Elbow Lat View1,200
10129350X-Ray:Forearm Ap View1,200
10139348X-Ray:Hand Ap View1,200
10149349X-Ray:Hand Lat View1,200
10159345X-Ray:Hip Lat view1,200
10169368X-Ray:Single knee ap and lat view1,450
10179330X-Ray:Tibia Fibula -Ap View1,200
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
Basic Cardiac Enzyme Panels
3,000 2,100 1,500
Extended Cardiac Enzyme Panel
(LDH, CK, CK-MB, AST, Troponin I)
5,650 3,955 2,825
Hypertension Panel
(Glucosee (F), Lipid Profile, Urea, Creatinine, Serum Electrolytes)
4,800 3,360 2,400
Heart Health Panel
(Glucose (F), hsCRP, Homocysteine, NT-Pro BNP, Lipid Profile)
10,500 7,350 5,250
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
Basic Diabetes Panel
(Glucose (F), HbA1c, Microalbuminuria)
3,200 2,240 1,600
Extended Diabetes Panel
(CBC, Glucose (F), HbA1c, HBsAg, HCV, Uric Acid, Creatinine, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine)
10,450 7,315 5,225
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
Free Thyroid Panel
(Free T3, Free T4, TSH)
5,000 3,500 2,500
Basic Thyroid Panel
(T3, T4, TSH)
3,500 2,450 1,750
Extended Thyroid Panel
(Free T3, Free T4, TSH, T3, T4)
7,250 5,075 3,625
Thyroid Screning Panel
(Free T, TSH)
3,400 2,380 1,700
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
Hepatitis "B" Panel
(HBsAg, Anti-HBs, HBc-IgM, HBc (Total), HBe, Anti-HBe)
14,500 10,150 7,250
LFT- Liver Function Tests
(Total Protien, ALP, Total Biliubin, Direct & Indirect Bilirubin, ALT, AST, GGT, Albumin, Globulins, A/G Ratio)
1,900 1,330 950
Hepatitis Screening
(Hepatitis B & C screening by ELISA/CLIA)
3,450 2,415 1,725
Chronic Hepatitis Panel
5,600 3,920 2,800
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
Female Infertility Panel
(FSH,LH, Prolactin, Progesterone, Estradiol)
9,000 6,300 4,500
Male Infertility Panel
(AMH, T4, TSH, DHEASO4, Testosterone)
12,000 8,400 6,000
Antenatal Panel
(CBC, Blood Group, HBsAg, Anti-HCV, RPR, Glucose (F), Urine Routine)
7,700 5,390 3,850
Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Panel
(CBC, LFT, Serum Electrolyes, Urine Protien/Creatinine Ratio, Urine Routine)
5,600 3,920 2,800
Free Androgen Index (FAI) Panel
(Total Testosterone, SHBG)
4,350 3,045 2,175
STD Screen
(Anti-HIV, Anti-HCV, HBsAg, RPR/Syphilis)
8,000 5,600 4,000
Torch Panel
(Toxoplasma IgG, Toxoplasma Igm, Rubella IgG, Rubella IgM, CMV IgG, CMV IgM, HSV 1&2 IgG, HSV 1&2 IgM)
12,500 8,750 6,250
Basic Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Panel
(Testosterone (Total), LH, FSH, TSH)
6,500 4,550 3,250
Extended Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Panel
Testosterone (Total), TSH, LH, FSH, Prolactin, DHEA-SO4, Insulin, SHBG, 17-OH Progesterone, Glucose (F/R), Lipid {Profile)
24,000 16,800 12,000
Menopause Panel
(Estradiol, TSH, Fre T4, LH, FSH, Prolactin, Testosterone Total, SHBG)
14,500 10,150 7,250
Amenorhoea Panel
(LH, FSH, Estradiol)
5,500 3,850 2,750
Pre-Marital Panel
Anti-HCV, HBSag, Anti-HIV, Hb Electrophoresis)
8,400 5,880 4,200
Bones and Joints
Orthopedics / Rheumatology
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
Basic Bone Health Panel
(Vitamin-D, Corrected Calcium, Alkaline Phosphatase, Phosphorus, Uric Acid)
6,400 4,480 3,200
Extended Bone Health Panel
Vitamin-D, Corrected Calcium, Albumin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Phosphorus, Creatinine, Magnesium, Uric Acid, PTH)
7,000 4,900 3,500
Osteoporosis Panel
(Alkaline Phosphatase, Calcium, Phosphate, Albumin, Vitamin-D)
5,800 4,060 2,900
Arthritis Panel
5,500 3,850 2,750
Rheumatology Panel
(RA factor, Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) by IF, AntiCCP)
9,200 6,440 4,600
Muscle Enzymes Panel
CPK, LDH, SGOT, Aldolase
3,750 2,625 1,875
Autoimmune IF Panel
(Antibodies against cell nuclei (ANA), mitochondria (AMA) and smooth muscle (ASMA) by immunofluorescence)
6,000 4,200 3,000
ENA Profile
20+ Protein targets
9,000 6,300 4,500
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
COVID Prognosis Panel
(CBC with Peripheral Smear, CRP, LDH, D-Dimer, Ferritin)
7,500 5,250 3,750
Immunoglobulins Panel
(IgA, IgG, IgM, IGE)
5,500 3,850 2,750
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
Anaemia Panel
(CBC, Retic Count, Vitamin B-12, Folic Acid)
6,000 4,200 3,000
Coagulation Panel
2,500 1,750 1,250
Hemolysis Panel
(CBC, Retic Count, Direct Coomb's, LDH, Bilirubin)
4,000 2,800 2,000
Iron Status
(Iron, TIBC, Ferritin)
3,450 2,415 1,725
General Health
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
Drugs of Abuse Screen
(Drugs screening in urine)
5,500 3,850 2,750
Fever Panel
(CBC, Malaria Antigen, Blood C/S (Typhoid), Dengue NS1, Urine Complete Examination)
6,050 4,235 3,025
Basic Health Panel
CBC, Glucose (F), Creatinine, Uric Acid, Liver Function Tests, Lipid Profile, Vitamin D, Urine Routine)
9,700 6,790 4,850
Extended Health Panel
(CBC, HBsAg, Anti-HCV, Glucose (F), Creatinine, Vitamin D, Uric Acid, Liver Function Test, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine)
15,000 10,500 7,500
Lipid Profile
(TG, Cholesterol, HDL, VLDL< LDL)
2,150 1,505 1,075
Urine Analysis or Complete Examination C/E
(Chemistry: Glucose, Ketones, Bilirubin, PH, Blood, Specific Gavity, Protien, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Leukocytes & Microscopy: RBCs, WBCs, Epithelial Cells)
500 350 250
Vitamins Panel
(Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D)
5,250 3,675 2,625
Senior Citizen Panel (Male)
(CBC, Glucose Fasting, Creatinine, Lipid Proile, HbA1c, Uric Acid, PSA, TSH)
9,900 6,930 4,950
Senior Citizen Panel (Women)
CBC, Glucose Fasting, Creatinine, Lipid Profile, HbA1c, Uric Acid, Calcium, TSH, Vitamin D
10,650 7,455 5,325
Women Health Panel
(CBC, Calcium (Total), Iron, TSH< LH, FSH, HbA1c, Vitamin D)
9,900 6,930 4,950
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
(Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Bicarbonate)
1,450 1,015 725
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)
(Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, Creatinine, Calcium, BUN, Glucose (F))
3,500 2,450 1,750
Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP)
(Glucose (F), ALT, AST, BUN, Creatinine, Uric Acid, HbA1c, Serum Electrolytes, Calcium (Total))
6,500 4,550 3,250
Nephrology / Urology
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
RFT-Renal Function Test
(Creatinine, Urea, Uric Acid)
1,300 910 650
Nephritic Panel
(RA Factor, ANA, ASO, C-ANCA, P-ANCA, C3, C4, IgA, IgM, IgG)
20,500 14,350 10,250
Extended Renal Health Panel
(Serum Electrolytes, Bicarbonate, BUN, Urine Routine, Uric Acid, Phosphorous, Anion Gap, PTH, Micoalbuminuria, Calcium
9,200 6,440 4,600
Dialysis Patient/Chronic Kidney Disease Panel
CBC, Urea, Creatinine, Serum Electrolytes, Bicarbonate, ALT, Intact PTH, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Uric Acid
7,500 5,250 3,750
Panel NameStandardWelfareZakat
Breast Cancer Biomarkers
(Estrogen (ER), Progesterone (PR), HER2 receptors)
10,500 7,350 5,250
Histopathology Review Case
[Comprehensive immunohistochemistry panel (100+ tumor markers available)]
12,000 8,400 6,000
Tumor Markers Panel
Beta HCG, AFP, CEA, CA-125
10,500 7,350 5,250