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Histopathology Department

One of the best facilities in the whole Punjab province

Fluids, Urine, and Effusions Cytology

Our firm proudly offers specialized cytology services encompassing the meticulous analysis of fluids, urine, and effusions. Our skilled team of pathologists employs cutting-edge techniques to conduct comprehensive urine tests, urine retests, pleural fluid analysis tests, ascetic fluid tests, and synovial fluid tests. Through precise cellular morphology assessment, we identify abnormal cells, differentiate cellular types, and assess cellularity. Our advanced staining methodologies and cytological criteria enable accurate diagnoses, effectively managing various clinical conditions. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on advancing medical diagnostics, our laboratory ensures you receive unparalleled fluid, urine, and effusion cytology services for optimal patient care.

Fluids, Urine, and Effusions Cytology
Biospies and Excision Specimens

Biopsies and Excision Specimens

Engage in “Biopsies and Excision Specimens,” a specialty service focusing on this vital diagnostic practice in contemporary medicine. Our competent professionals specialize in tissue biopsy tests to meet various demands, including skin biopsies and cancer-detection biopsies. Precision is used while doing renal biopsies, which is essential for evaluating renal function. To assist in the elimination of abnormal growths, our specialists use careful procedures, including excision, to remove tissue samples. Accurate diagnoses are made after a detailed microscopic examination of these materials. Count on our skilled staff to carry out these tests with ease, which play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating many medical diseases.

Pap smear Reporting

PAP Smear Reporting” is a critical service Mughal Lab provides to screen for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is a potentially fatal but preventable disease that affects the cervix and is caused mainly by certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Our careful procedure includes receiving cervical cell samples, developing slides, and staining them for microscopic analysis. Skilled pathologists examine these slides for cellular abnormalities, assuring early detection of precancerous or cancerous diseases. The results are collected into thorough reports, which aid in prompt medical intervention. Cervical cancer is dangerous if left untreated, emphasizing the need for PAP smear examinations to protect women’s health and prevent the advancement of this disease.

Pap Smear Reporting
Special Stains and Immunohistochemistry

Special Stains and Immunohistochemistry

Our histology laboratory offers specific treatments such as “Special Stains and Immunohistochemistry.” Tissue samples are meticulously prepared, deparaffinized, and treated with specialized reagents in the particular staining procedure, revealing various cellular architectures. Immunohistochemistry, on the other hand, uses improved antibody technology to identify antigens within tissues. Tissue samples are meticulously handled before being treated with primary antibodies designed to target specific antigens, followed by secondary antibodies labeled with indicators. Through our expert services, these approaches enable accurate illness detection, a detailed study of tissue morphology, and the identification of biomarkers by improving contrast and identifying specific molecules within cells or tissues.

Test Facilities

  • Histopathology reporting of all kinds of biopsies and excision specimens.
  • Special stains & IHC markers are done free of cost with every case (if required)
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) panel of 140+ markers
  • Breast cancer receptors panel (ER, PR, HER2, Ki-67 & AR)
  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) by a pathologist
  • Fluids, urine, and effusions cytology with cytospin slide preparation, Increasing diagnostic yield
  •  PAP smears reporting using Bethesda system


FCPS Qualified Staff


IHC Markers


Annual Biopsy Count

Our Histopathologists

Dr. Usman Shams, labs director at Mughal Labs

Dr. M. Usman Shams

Consultant Histopathologist


Dr. Omer Waqas, a consultant histopathologist

Dr. Omer Waqas

Consultant Histopathologist


Male Doctor Silhouette closeup Images

Dr. Imran Chaudhry

Senior Consultant Pathologist

MD, DABP, FRCPC (Canada)

Dr. Saud Sarwar, Consultant Histopathologist

Dr. Saud Sarwar

Consultant Histopathologist


Technology & Equipment

Thermo Fisher logo

Tissue Processor

A reliable. time-tested carousel-type tissue processor. Citadel 2000 has a 110-cassette capacity, and the Citadel 1000 has a capacity of 60 cassettes.

automated image

Citadel 1000 (Thermo-Shandan, UK)

Medite logo


Permits quality sections with its high•precision mechanics inside is designed to meet multiple requirements of histology or histopathology labs

CNC Milling Machine-CNC Lathe-DATAN CNC

Microtome M350 (Medite, Germany)

Yidi logo

Embedding Station

Accurate, Robust, and Reliable instrument for tissue embedding.

Catheter Lamination in Mughal Labs

YD 6L (Yidi, CN)

Leica logo

Automated Immunohistochemistry Stainer

A fully automated immunohistochemistry (INC) and in-situ hybridization (ISH) staining system that uses stale-of-the-art robotics to provide results up to 50% faster than manual methods.

Immunohistochemistry machine

Bond Max (Leica, Germany)

Thermo Fisher logo

Automated H&E Stainer

A fully automatic slide stainer for H&E that stains up to 64 slides per cycle.

Medical technology in Mughal Labs

Veristain 24.4 (Termo-Shandan, UK)

Leica logo

Immunofluorescence & Fish Microscope

A true system microscope that can be equipped with accessories for all clinical applications and ergonomic needs including immunofluorescence and fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) studies.

Microscope in Mughal Labs

DM 2500 (Leica, Germany)

Thermo Fisher logo

Cytocentirifuge (Cytospin)

A reliable benchtop centrifuge that provides economical thin-layer preparations from any liquid matrix, especially hypocellular fluids such as spinal fluid and urine.

Rhino-Cytological Specimens

Cytospin 4 (Thermo Scientific – US)

Leica logo


Manually operated rotation microtome for creating thin sections of specimens of varying hardness

a Leica

Cytospin 4 (Thermo Scientific – US)

Thermo Fisher logo


An enclosed automated tissue processor, combining custom programming with simple operation and reagent management

Thermo Fisher logo


A fully automatic, enclosed tissue processor for use in pathology laboratories

Thermo Shandon
This Image is the Logo of Sakura brand which manufactures medical machines


A tissue embedder enabling full embedding control at your fingertips.

Image of Sakura Brand Machine used for Histopathology, a vital tool in laboratory diagnostics and tissue analysis.
This Image is the Logo of Dako brand which manufactures medical machines


Advanced Automated Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization Platform

Discover the Dako Brand Machine for Histopathology: Revolutionizing Diagnostics

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