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Histopathology Department

One of the best facilities in the whole Punjab province

Test Facilities

  • Histopathology reporting of all kinds of biopsies and excision specimens.
  • Special stains & IHC markers are done free of cost with every case (if required)
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) panel of 140+ markers
  • Breast cancer receptors panel (ER, PR, HER2, Ki-67 & AR)
  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) by a pathologist
  • Fluids, urine, and effusions cytology with cytospin slide preparation, Increasing diagnostic yield
  •  PAP smears reporting using Bethesda system


FCPS Qualified Staff


IHC Markers


Annual Biopsy Count

Our Histopathologists

Dr. Usman Shams, labs director at Mughal Labs

Dr. M. Usman Shams

Consultant Histopathologist


Dr. Omer Waqas, a consultant histopathologist

Dr. Omer Waqas

Consultant Histopathologist


Male Doctor Silhouette closeup Images

Dr. Imran Chaudhry

Senior Consultant Pathologist

MD, DABP, FRCPC (Canada)

Dr. Saud Sarwar, Consultant Histopathologist

Dr. Saud Sarwar

Consultant Histopathologist


Technology & Equipment

Thermo Fisher logo

Tissue Processor

A reliable. time-tested carousel-type tissue processor. Citadel 2000 has a 110-cassette capacity, and the Citadel 1000 has a capacity of 60 cassettes.

automated image

Citadel 1000 (Thermo-Shandan, UK)

Medite logo


Permits quality sections with its high•precision mechanics inside is designed to meet multiple requirements of histology or histopathology labs

CNC Milling Machine-CNC Lathe-DATAN CNC

Microtome M350 (Medite, Germany)

Yidi logo

Embedding Station

Accurate, Robust, and Reliable instrument for tissue embedding.

Catheter Lamination in Mughal Labs

YD 6L (Yidi, CN)

Leica logo

Automated Immunohistochemistry Stainer

A fully automated immunohistochemistry (INC) and in-situ hybridization (ISH) staining system that uses stale-of-the-art robotics to provide results up to 50% faster than manual methods.

Immunohistochemistry machine

Bond Max (Leica, Germany)

Thermo Fisher logo

Automated H&E Stainer

A fully automatic slide stainer for H&E that stains up to 64 slides per cycle.

Medical technology in Mughal Labs

Veristain 24.4 (Termo-Shandan, UK)

Leica logo

Immunofluorescence & Fish Microscope

A true system microscope that can be equipped with accessories for all clinical applications and ergonomic needs including immunofluorescence and fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) studies.

Microscope in Mughal Labs

DM 2500 (Leica, Germany)

Thermo Fisher logo

Cytocentirifuge (Cytospin)

A reliable benchtop centrifuge that provides economical thin-layer preparations from any liquid matrix, especially hypocellular fluids such as spinal fluid and urine.

Rhino-Cytological Specimens

Cytospin 4 (Thermo Scientific – US)

Leica logo


Manually operated rotation microtome for creating thin sections of specimens of varying hardness

a Leica

Cytospin 4 (Thermo Scientific – US)

Thermo Fisher logo


An enclosed automated tissue processor, combining custom programming with simple operation and reagent management

Thermo Fisher logo


A fully automatic, enclosed tissue processor for use in pathology laboratories

Thermo Shandon

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