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The giant of dengue is back! Dengue disease that is caused by a tiny mosquito affects health badly. It comes with a mild to severe fever and makes the patient suffer from high temperatures for weeks.

It spreads in your body when a certain type of mosquito (Aedes) bites you; the virus enters the body and spreads the infection. Dengue can put your life in danger if your immune system is not strong enough.

For the last many years, dengue has been making news in almost all parts of the world. Though it doesn’t transfer from an infected person directly to another yet it has been spreading in masses speedily.

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How does dengue affect your body?

After it enters the body it brings further sickening effects that include:

  • Vomiting
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Minor bleeding (in gums)

What happens when dengue gets severe?

Unfortunately, a severe condition of dengue clearly means a medical emergency, a patient with dengue can get hospitalized too. Within a few hours, dengue can get serious.

When it gets severe then it can cause serious effects on health, such as low blood pressure, uncontrolled bleeding (hemorrhage), organ failure, and casualty.

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It will be wise not to ignore any of the above-mentioned symptoms. Sometimes people with mild fever and flu ignore them considering them all normal but they can be the early signs of a dengue attack.

Don’t ignore mild bleeding from the nose and gums, as they can lead to the worst dengue effects.

How to keep yourself safe from dengue?

You need to put some effort into staying away from mosquitoes. There is no vaccination so far that you can take to protect yourself from infected mosquitoes, so the only way left is to take the necessary safety measures that can help you in staying away from the danger.

Take simple steps to protect yourself:

  • Keep mosquito repellents at home and in your workplace. Use it indoors and outdoor, you can get it in the form of lotion and watery liquid that is applied all over the naked (uncovered) part of your body.
  • Mosquito repellents also include sprays and tiny electronic gadgets that can easily plug-in sockets.
  • Keep the windows and doors completely secure; leave no space and holes left for mosquitoes to enter.
  • Better use mosquito nets while sleeping
  • Try wearing clothes that must cover you all over, wear full sleeves and pants with socks.
  • Avoid being around the open areas such as lawns, parks, etc.
  • Don’t leave the water unattended in pools and in dishes as that is exactly the place where such mosquito breeds.
  • Keep the water intake high, it is important to keep yourself hydrated.

Take good care of your health and don’t ignore any minor signs of dengue, visit the nearest Mughal lab and get a dengue test as early as possible so you can treat it at your earliest before it gets worst.