Get Amazing Health Benefits with our M-Card

M Care Card Membership

Mughal Labs is honored to introduce the M Care Card program for patients. This card has been launched to facilitate the patients so they can earn reward points for every test performed at Mughal Labs.

How can you get an M Care Card?

  • Visit any nearest collection center of the Mughal lab for getting your M Care Card.
  • As a patient, you need to give certain info and details to the spokesperson of Mughal Lab so the process of getting an M Care Card will be preceded further.

Relaxations on M-care card

  • As a card-holder you will earn 10% reward points on each purchase/payment, you can avail these points by getting free lab tests on all the branches of the Mughal lab.

Validity of M Care Card

After the M Care Card is issued to you it will remain valid for twelve months (one year). If you misplace your card, please feel free to contact us for an alternate M Care Card. We will be pleased to assist in any way.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Please go through the following terms and conditions to avoid any inconvenience:
  • M-care card cannot be transferred to anyone else
  • Only the allocated members (to whom the card is issued) can avail the facilities of M Care Card.
  • After one year M Care Card will be expired
  • A member can request to renew the card.
  • In case you lost your card please inform us instantly; so you will be issued a replacement card.
Doctor and patient laughing while talking with each other
Mughal Labs care card.

How to Apply for M-Card?

Visit your nearest Mughal Labs branch to get your M-Card

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