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Bio-Safety levels are inevitable for humans and animals/birds. With the help of BL levels, it is ensured that all kinds of protective measures have been taken in lab settings. Mughal labs and diagnostic centres believe ‘biosafety is our safety‘; thus, their equipment and surroundings are tested thoroughly and scrutinized by BSL levels.

Why is Biosafety essential?

It is direly essential and inevitable for any lab and diagnostic centre to ensure biosafety levels. Due to this framework, it is made sure that certain medical practices, training tools, safety equipment, and purpose-built buildings are well protected. There has to be no loophole left behind; all measures must be taken against all kinds of accidental and unintentional exposure and release of toxins and contagious agents.

Biosafety is about reducing the maximum lab risk of disclosure of transmittable microbe infectivity. Workers’ Biosafety is unavoidable for the safety of the environment and community!

Mughal Labs and Biosafety measures

The lab and diagnostic centre without undergoing Biosafety levels is a total disaster. Thus, Mughal Labs, one of the largest lab chains across Pakistan, ensure that biosafety practices have been implemented correctly, including the foolproof handling of hazardous biological materials and equipment.

Mega Advantages of Biosafety concerns:-

As repeatedly mentioned above that, biosafety rules are unavoidable. Here I have listed some of the massive advantages of bio-safety concerns:

  • It eliminates risks

It right away resists organisms from direct disclosure to dangerous rays and pathogens.

  • Well-built airing and ventilation system

Due to its built-in ventilation system, it doesn’t let harmful gases in; damaging gases can harm your lungs. The sterilized environment and rubber gloves, too, are part of the safety measures.

  • For trapping viruses High-Efficiency Particulate Filter: 

Filters like HEPA are used to impede organisms or humans to keep detrimental impurities at bay. Such filers are effective in entrapping myriad viruses, including bacteria.

With the biosafety layers, firm barriers are formed to snare the pollutants.

Here are the norms that are vital to establishing the lab levels: 

  1. Contractable
  2. The intensity of infectivity.
  3. Nature of task administered 
  4. The inception of microbe.
  5. Risks associated with inhibition.

All the biosafety stage has their particular restraint commands that are needed for the following:

  1. Safety apparatus 
  2. Lab implementations 
  3. Facility construction with all the protective measures 

Your health matters:

Biohazards in the lab are dangerous for humans and other creatures like animals. The biosafety practices must guard the environment, lab staff, tools and equipment, and everyone.

Mughal Lab ensures all the safety practices under the biosafety criterion, supporting a hygienic, safer, pollutant-free environment. Each life is precious and has to be guarded well. Our diagnostic centres execute all four Biosafety levels.

Be sure to be in safe hands!