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The liver is one of the essential parts of the human body. There is no survival of any living organism without a liver. On the other hand, an infected liver is also dangerous and sometimes fatal. Though taking medicine is very important, saving the liver from problems is more important. If it is infected at a high level, liver transplantation is often the only treatment. It can be hazardous and costly, too. This article will inform you about liver diseases and precautions to save your liver. You will also learn about those ordinary things that are unsafe for our lives but we never take care of them.

Table of Contents

  • A few words about liver
  • The liver functions
  • The liver disease
  • Precautions to save the liver
  • Indications of an unhealthy liver
  • Ordinary things affect the liver
  • Conclusion

A few words about liver

The liver is the largest solid organ found in the human body. The liver is located in the upper portion of the abdominal cavity on the right side. It is located on the top of the stomach. The liver consists of 2 lobes. These lobes are made up of 8 segments, each containing 1,000 lobules. To produce the common hepatic duct, these lobules are attached to small ducts (tubes) that join with more giant ducts. The bile produced by the liver cells is transported from the common hepatic duct to the duodenum, the first section of the small intestine, and the gallbladder.

The function of the liver

The liver is responsible for regulating chemicals in the blood and excretes a product known as bile. It helps in removing waste products from the liver. It also processes every drop of blood that leaves the intestines and stomach. As the liver processes this blood, the nutrients are broken down, balanced, and produced. The liver metabolizes drugs into either harmless or more straightforward shapes for the body to utilize. The liver produces protein for blood plasma. Rather than it, there are multiple uses for the liver.

The liver disease

Usually, every part of the human body can be affected or caught by diseases. Likewise, the liver is also damaged due to a lot of reasons. Diseases related to these specific organs are given as follows:

Many times, hepatitis is inherited from the ancestors to new generations, known as genetic diseases, including

  • Hemochromatosis
  • Wilson’s disease
  • Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

Other than this, these liver diseases are converted into cancers like:

  • Liver cancer
  • Bile duct cancer
  • Liver adenoma

Precautions to save the liver

It is essential to save the liver from diseases because it is a multifunctional organ of the body and does not have any alternative. To keep the liver healthy, we should start exercising regularly. Alcohol and smoking harm the liver, and one must quit these habits. One should avoid junk foods, soft drinks, and too much sleep. We must avoid using peanuts, rice, red meat, and sugary foods on a priority basis. Consuming high amounts of salt can increase NAFLD, so we should use salt according to need. A man with a healthy liver has the maximum chance to enjoy life to its fullest.

Indications of an unhealthy liver

There are many ways the liver can show that it is unhealthy or uncomfortable with your habits. The first indication we receive is yellowish eyes, nails, and a low hemoglobin level. Loss of appetite, sleeping disorders, fatigue all day, and memory loss are also symptoms of liver problems. If you find your palms turning red, swelling in your ankles and legs, and having more pain than usual, these are all symptoms of liver problems. If you notice any of these in your routine life, you must plan a meeting with your healthcare provider for a checkup.

Ordinary things affect the liver

These ordinary things are also surprising because we, as ordinary people, do not think they impact our livers. A few of these things are discussed below:

Herbal Supplement

Also known as natural supplements, they are not safe for our lives many times. Studies show that though they keep the liver working right, they have a chance to lead to hepatitis and liver failure. Some countries have even banned herbal supplements for this reason.

Over weighting

A non-alcoholic fatty liver disease might develop due to the additional fat accumulating in your liver cells. Consequently, your liver can enlarge. It can harden and damage liver tissue over time.

Pain killer tablets

In this era of depression, most people are seen using acetaminophen or other pain killers. Our keen responsibility is to inform people that most pain killers, especially acetaminophen, can cause liver problems.

Vitamin A from supplements

The human body needs vitamin A, and it’s best to get it from fresh plants, vegetables, or fruits. But if you consume vitamins in the form of supplements, there are a lot of chances of your liver being damaged.

Soft drinks

If a guest comes to you or you go somewhere as a guest, we are usually served soft drinks. Soft drinks are more likely to have NAFLD. If you are addicted to soda, you behave like an enemy to the liver and must avoid it.


We know that a healthy liver is as important as a healthy heart. An unhealthy liver can be hazardous. Regular exercise of this specific body part allows you to enjoy the colors of life. We should take care of our liver and avoid such activities that harm our bodies.

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